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Our website was established with the aim of being the most helpful and honest roulette guide on the internet. To state it another way, we were tired of the spam casino sites on the net that simply acted as shills for whichever online casino would pay them the most money to do so. After viewing countless sites recommend Online Vegas and Go Casino as being the best roulette sites for roulette bonuses, the idea to develop Roulette Tip came about. In fairness we have no complaints about the casinos we just mentioned. However as is the case with most online casinos, their sign up bonus cannot be cleared at Roulette and their roulette games are standard. If you’re looking for an online casino offering a Roulette bonus your best bet is the Bodog Casino.

Best Bonus
Bodog Roulette Bodog is one of the most trusted names in the online gambling business. They’re also one of only a very few online casino sites that offer a bonus clearable at Roulette. This sign up bonus is a 10% initial deposit match which is credited instantly as cash. Let’s say for example you register an account at Bodog and then deposit $250.00. Immediately with no bonus codes, emails, phone calls or anything else required you’ll have $25.00 extra free to play with. This bonus does require a small play through prior to it being eligible for withdrawal, but this is rather minor. If you’re truly looking for a  game with the best bonus, head on over the Bodog Casino website or to learn more read our Bodog Casino review.
Now if you’re an experienced roulette player, the type that understands roulette odds, you’ll want to look even further when shopping for an online roulette casino. Here are a few samples of unique roulette games available on the net.

Winner Casino – Using the coupon code MAXFREE4 you will get a 50% deposit. You can go with this bonus up to 300 pounds (or euros, depending on your currency). However, you can later redeem a Mid-Roller which goes up to 500 pounds.

Betfair Casino – Betfair offers a roulette game with no zero on the roulette wheel. The result of the zero having been removed makes this a full 100% payout game with no house edge. Unfortunately Betfair does not accept USA player, however if you’re located outside the USA you can use this special link to claim a £5 no deposit required bonus.

5Dimes Roulette5Dimes Casino – When one thinks 5Dimes the first thought that generally comes to mind is sports betting. As a leading online sportsbook since 1999, 5Dimes has acquired over 2 million customers and processed over a billion dollars in sports wagers. What most don’t realize is that in addition to sports betting 5Dimes offers one of the most competitive casinos in the industry. Their bonus casino increases the payouts 9% in American roulette which in turn reduces the house edge to just 1.00%. 5Dimes is a USA friendly casino and is hands down the best place for American’s to play roulette online.

Honest and Helpful Tips
Our website is filled with roulette content ranging from tips for playing roulette live and online roulette tips, to more advanced info such as roulette strategy and roulette systems. If you’re interested in learning all there is to know about roulette our website will act as a great start. As you navigate our site you’ll see we have dozens of comprehensive articles and cover about every roulette topic you can possibly imagine. We hope this information is helpful and we wish you the best of luck at the roulette tables.

Why we Love Roulette?
Roulette is one the most popular gambling games in the world, and along with blackjack and craps is one the three games you’ll find in every single full service casino across the globe. In fact polls conducted in both Europe and America showed Roulette is the most common game mentioned when asked for the first word that comes to mind when someone thinks casino. Not only is the game massively popular it also has a rich history dating back hundreds of years just in its modern form. To learn more about this topic read our page on Roulette History.